vanilla Red Hat 8.0, kde 3.0.3, mozilla 1.5, Sun JDK 1.4.2, java streamer applet fails

Ken Wolcott ken.wolcott at
Wed Nov 19 23:51:23 GMT 2003

Hi James;

  The problem is that states that they only support windoze 
platforms :-(

"...Streamer minimum browser requirements: Netscape Navigator® 4.7 - 4.79, 
Microsoft® 4.0 - 6.0 and a minimum operating system of Microsoft® Windows 95 
or higher..."  Well, Linux is higher than Windoze 95 :-)

  I tried konqueror (the version that comes with Red Hat 8.0) and nothing from 
the streamer will come up, with mozilla at least it will do something for a 
short while...galeon doesn't work either...

  Yes, I'm considering running InterNOT Exploder under wine...really wish we 
could work without ANY MICROSLOP products (**sigh**)

Ken Wolcott

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 17:11, you wrote:
> Ken Wolcott wrote:
> > Hi;
> >
> >   I'm using vanilla Red Hat 8.0 (kde 3.0.3.x) with mozilla 1.5, Sun JDK
> > version 1.4.2.  I go to, login and start the streamer.
> >
> > There are two problems.  One is, streamer java applet
> > comes up completely black, cannot see the quotes.
> > Secondly, after about a minute or so of starting
> > streamer, I get:
> >
> > Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-2"
> > Exception in thread "AWT-Motif"
> > Java process: caught exception from
> > sun.plugin.navig.motif.Plugin.start
> > Exception in thread "main"
> >
> > Suggestions: Upgrade kde? Upgrade Red Hat?  Change Linux distribution?
> > Don't use kde?  Don't use Linux?  Don't use datek?
> >
> > I'd rather not use Windoze XP.  The Windoze98 machine is too slow and
> > can't be upgraded.  I'd rather use Linux.  Please help me get things I
> > want to get done without using Windoze.
> I can only try the demo and it works on Konqueror 3.1.4+.  But, it won't
> work with Mozilla.  I am having other Mozilla problems and it might be
> something in RedHat.
> Now, if the demo works for me and it doesn't work for you there may be
> hope. :-)
> I presume that you are a subscriber, so I would bring the fact that it
> doesn't work to their attention.
> If you want to use Linux, you can purchase CrossOver Office which will run
> IE 5.5.  The demo works with that.  It is also possible to install IE 5.5
> your self with WINE.

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