vanilla Red Hat 8.0, kde 3.0.3, mozilla 1.5, Sun JDK 1.4.2, java streamer applet fails

Ken Wolcott ken.wolcott at
Wed Nov 19 21:21:31 GMT 2003


  I'm using vanilla Red Hat 8.0 (kde 3.0.3.x) with mozilla 1.5, Sun JDK 
version 1.4.2.  I go to, login and start the streamer.

There are two problems.  One is, streamer java applet
comes up completely black, cannot see the quotes.
Secondly, after about a minute or so of starting
streamer, I get:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-2"
Exception in thread "AWT-Motif"
Java process: caught exception from
Exception in thread "main"

Suggestions: Upgrade kde? Upgrade Red Hat?  Change Linux distribution? Don't 
use kde?  Don't use Linux?  Don't use datek?

I'd rather not use Windoze XP.  The Windoze98 machine is too slow and can't be 
upgraded.  I'd rather use Linux.  Please help me get things I want to get 
done without using Windoze.

Ken Wolcott

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