konsole with no window decoration?

gabriel danstemporaryaccount at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 19 23:07:47 GMT 2003

On November 19, 2003 05:44 pm, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> gabriel wrote:
> > i saw the coolest thing the other day on another computer running
> > windowmaker.
> >
> > the guy had aterm running in the middle of his screen, but there were no
> > window decorations, no close button -- nothing.  just the xterm complete
> > with prompt.  he was using it to print debug info and leaving it
> > semi-transparent on his desktop.
> >
> >   it looked really cool
> >
> > can kde do this with konsole?  or do i have to install aterm?  if i have
> > to use aterm, how do i prevent the kde window decorations from appearing
> > around it?
> The command to start Konsole with no decorations is:
> 	kstart --type Override  konsole
> Now, if you want to have it transparent, there are several default Schema
> settings.  Look in: "Settings => Schema".  You can also get rid of the:
> "Menubar" and: "Scrollbar in the: "Settings" menu.  After you delete the:
> "Menubar" you have to right click to set stuff. To get rid of the frame:
> "Settings => Configure Konsole" uncheck the: "Show frame" box and click:
> "Apply".  Then click: "Settings =>  Save Settings" and this is now your
> default, but you still need to use 'kstart' to start it without the
> decorations, so you need to change this in the relevant 'desktop' file.

sweet!  thanks!

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