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Thu Nov 13 01:00:37 GMT 2003


On Wednesday 12 November 2003 22:32, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Henrique Pinto wrote:
> > Why treating differently "file:" and "http:" URL?
> Because the users want it.
> But let me explain the problem in more detail.
> If your setup for the MIME type (file association) text/html has "KHTML"
> as the top Service in the "Embedding" tab and you have the: "Show file
> in embedded viewer" box checked.  And you have selected: "Mozilla" as
> the top Application in the: "General" tab.
> NOw: if you click on a file with the extension 'html' in a Konqueror
> file manager window, it will open in that instance of Konqueror. 
> However, if you have the same file with the extension 'html' on you
> desktop and you click it, Mozilla will open to display it.

And where's the bug? I haven't yet seen a "major KDE bug" in this 
behaviour, it's just following your configuration:

You selected "show file in embedded viewer". Inside Konqueror, you can 
embed a viewer, so that's done, in order to obey _your_ settings.

KDesktop can't embed viewers. Therefore it uses your preffered application 
to view the file, which is Mozilla. Again, it's obeying _your_ settings.

If you want everything to open in Mozilla, then you shouldn't check "Show 
file in embedded viewer".

It still makes no sense for me to open local files using one browser and 
remote files using other. Maybe that's just because that would be useless 
for me.

Implementing that, however, shouldn't be too difficult. If that's useful 
for you, code it yourself, or file a wishlist item to b.k.o (yes, 
wishlist. That's not a major bug. I can't imagine that being a showstopper 
for KDE 3.2.).

> So, you see, the current scheme is treating things differently.  IMHO,
> it is just the behavior of the file on the desktop that needs to be
> changed. It should open in Konqueror if you have KHTML selected.  And
> the way to do this is to define a pseudo-MIME type 'http' so that any
> URL that starts with 'http' will be handled by the application chosen
> for that pseudo-MIME type.

Is it jut me or having an "http" (pseudo-)mimetype makes no sense at all?

HTTP is a protocol. Please leave it as that. In order to achieve what you 
want it is not necessary to transform it into a mimetype.

BTW, can you give me only one use-case in which the following would indeed 
make sense?

	Suppose I'm a Mozilla user. I'm doing a research regarding the biography 
of Olga Benario Prestes. I find a lot of interesting webpages about this, 
so I save them all. All of that is done using Mozilla. Then, another day, 
I want to re-read those pages, so I click on them (they're on my desktop) 
and - magic - Konqueror opens instead of Mozilla. But, wait, I'm a Mozilla 
user. I don't use Konqueror, I don't ven know much about KHTML 
capabilities. Maybe there's a bug in KHTML that makes the page render 
incorrectly or different under Konqueror. Of course I can open the 
"Location" menu and choose "Open in Mozilla", but if Mozilla is my 
browser, why did that f****** KDE open my saved pages in Konqueror. Why 
doesn't it "integrate better" with Mozilla?

	Henrique Pinto
	stampede at

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