[kde] KMail&MozillaFirebird

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Nov 13 00:32:48 GMT 2003

Henrique Pinto wrote:

> Why treating differently "file:" and "http:" URL?

Because the users want it.

But let me explain the problem in more detail.

If your setup for the MIME type (file association) text/html has "KHTML" as 
the top Service in the "Embedding" tab and you have the: "Show file in 
embedded viewer" box checked.  And you have selected: "Mozilla" as the top 
Application in the: "General" tab.

NOw: if you click on a file with the extension 'html' in a Konqueror file 
manager window, it will open in that instance of Konqueror.  However, if 
you have the same file with the extension 'html' on you desktop and you 
click it, Mozilla will open to display it.

So, you see, the current scheme is treating things differently.  IMHO, it 
is just the behavior of the file on the desktop that needs to be changed. 
It should open in Konqueror if you have KHTML selected.  And the way to do 
this is to define a pseudo-MIME type 'http' so that any URL that starts 
with 'http' will be handled by the application chosen for that pseudo-MIME 


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