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Wed Nov 12 19:13:42 GMT 2003

David Corbin writes:
 > On Monday 10 November 2003 04:49, Kevin Krammer wrote:
 > > On Sunday 09 November 2003 04:17, sol&diederic wrote:
 > > > Hi list members,
 > > > I'm using: ML-9.1, KDE3.1.3;
 > > > I changed from Konqueror to MozillaFirebird as browser. That's fine,
 > > > not problems.   However, if I click on a url in an email than Konquorer
 > > > is used and not MozillaFirebird.
 > > >
 > > > Is there any way to change this behaviour?
 > >
 > > Control Center->KDE Components-> File Associations
 > > Change the program that for text/html
 > > Check you have %u in the parameter list of the program command, otherwise
 > > the URL will be downloaded to a local file first and then given to the
 > > application.
 > I have %u in mine, but Konquer still tries to download it first.

Me too.  In particular, when I click on a URL in kzephyr (a chat
client I wrote, which uses the same call as KMail for opening URLs)
then KDE opens a konqueror window, which remains empty and just sits
there, since konqueror calls mozilla to render the HTML.

Is there a way of avoiding having this empty window pop up on my
screen?  I don't care if konqueror is invoked, but does it have to
open an empty window on my screen before it calls mozilla?  Or is
there a way of avoiding this?


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