Henrique Pinto stampede at
Wed Nov 12 15:55:40 GMT 2003

Em Ter 11 Nov 2003 22:48, James Richard Tyrer escreveu:
> Actually, you have stumbled upon a serious bug in KDE.  If you set it to
> use a browser other than the KHTML part for Konqueror then it will also use
> that browser to open an HTML file. :-(

What is logical, since a "browser" is a HTML renderer...

If you want to surf the web using browser X, then you probably want your html 
files to be viewed by it.

> This appears to be a logical consequence of the two level configuration for
> the MIME type: 'text/html'.  You first need to select Konqueror as the
> application and then configure Konqueror to use the KHTML part as a plugin.
> You should be able to choose a browser for URLs starting with 'http' while
> still using Konqueror to open an HTML file which resides on your system or
> local network.

Why treating differently "file:" and "http:" URL?

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