Kmail & SMTP (stopped working)

Pulat Yunusov pulat at
Wed Nov 5 23:10:56 GMT 2003

On November 5, 2003 06:35 pm, David Corbin wrote:
> I've started having problems with a working setup, 'out of the blue'.  I
> have KMail client that basically can NOT  send a message.  It's configured
> to send via SMTP, and I've closely examined each of the options to be sure
> they're correct.  I've verified that the SMTP daemon is running and I have
> no problem connecting to it (via telnet).  When I attempt to send a
> message, after a time (1-2 minutes), it pops up a dialog saying it cannot
> send the message because one of the recipients "" is not being accepted.
> Is there anyway to get KMail to provide detailed logs of the SMTP
> conversation?  Other ideas?

This is likely an issue with your SMTP server and you should check its logs 
for clues. Your MTA (e.g. Sendmail or Postfix) could be configured to reject 
certain recipients causing KMail to fail to send the message.

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