Kmail & SMTP (stopped working)

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Wed Nov 5 23:19:41 GMT 2003

Pulat Yunusov writes: 

> On November 5, 2003 06:35 pm, David Corbin wrote:

>> I've started having problems with a working setup, 'out of the blue'.  I

>> have KMail client that basically can NOT  send a message.  It's configured

>> to send via SMTP, and I've closely examined each of the options to be sure

>> they're correct.  I've verified that the SMTP daemon is running and I have

>> no problem connecting to it (via telnet).  When I attempt to send a

>> message, after a time (1-2 minutes), it pops up a dialog saying it cannot

>> send the message because one of the recipients "" is not being accepted.


>> Is there anyway to get KMail to provide detailed logs of the SMTP

>> conversation?  Other ideas?


> This is likely an issue with your SMTP server and you should check its logs 

> for clues. Your MTA (e.g. Sendmail or Postfix) could be configured to reject 

> certain recipients causing KMail to fail to send the message.

As David, I've found the same issue with KMail & SMTP. My email providers 
works pretty well with another mail client, but not with KMail. 

I've also checked the network traffic that KMail generates when I push de 
"send" button, and I've seen that any connection is established. 

So, I think, as David, that SMTP & KMail have stopped work (at least for 

Thank you. 


Imobach González Sosa 

imobachgs at 
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