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Eugene enine at
Wed Nov 5 22:31:54 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 05 November 2003 4:29 pm, Pulat Yunusov wrote:
> On November 5, 2003 02:15 pm, Eugene Nine wrote:
> > I'm not sure if this is KDE specific or not, I have some old documents
> > that were written with DOS Edit and have higher ASCII symbols in them. 
> > I'm trying to open them with Kwrite or Kword but need a Font with the
> > higher ASCII symbols.  I seem to remember I either found one in Windows
> > to do this or edited one myself copying the symbols from a symbol font
> > over to a regular font but in the appripriate ASCII values.  Is there a
> > font I can use with KDE/Linux to get these symbols without re editing my
> > docuement?
> >
> > Eugene Nine
> I believe any Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) font will do the trick because, as far
> as I know, that encoding includes ASCII and what you refer to as higher
> ASCII characters. What problem exactly do you have when you open your
> documents in KWrite or KWord?
> Pulat
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I'm looking for the ones from 128-255 at  If you open 
KcharSelect there are 8 rows, with the characters going from 0-255 so the 
bottom 4 rows are the extended 128-255.  I've used some of the math symbols 
like 251, 245, 244 159 and the Greek characters like 225, 234, etc.    I 
think all those exist in the higher tables of different fonts but I have to 
try and search/replace little squares with the correct ones, but If I can 
find a font that has them in the place already it will be easier.  I think I 
either used a terminal font in windows or edited a font to make what I need.
I've been searching for font editors but haven't found much.
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