Am I wasting my time with Red Hat?

Martin Thomas martin.thomas at
Thu Mar 27 04:22:50 GMT 2003

On Fri, 21 Mar 2003 11:42:08 +0000, I wrote:

>I have Red Hat 8.0 and I am teaching myself how to use the various
>tools and libraries, with a view to developing Linux software,
>probably for KDE. I would like to update to KDE 3.1, but note that
>according to the KDE web site, Red Hat are not supplying RPM files to
>do this. 
>On top of this, Red Hat seem to have scattered the KDE files all over
>the place. There is no main KDE directory, so it is awkward to figure
>things out. 
>Am I being too harsh on Red Hat, or would it be better if I switched
>to a differant distro? 

Thank you all for your replies; I shall do a little research and
switch to a new distro. At some point I'll no doubt want to learn how
to compile KDE for myself, but would rather concentrate for now on
learning C++, QT, KDE, OPENGL ...

There are some animated sequences which have been in my imagination
since I first came across polyhedra 35 years ago. And now I have a
fast enough machine and some decent programming tools to generate
them. I'll keep you informed!

Martin Thomas
mart666t at

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