Am I wasting my time with Red Hat?

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Sat Mar 22 11:43:41 GMT 2003

On 21 Mar 03 19:34, Jeff Elkins wrote:
> On Friday 21 March 2003 6:42 am, Martin Thomas wrote:
> >I have Red Hat 8.0 and I am teaching myself how to use the various
> >tools and libraries, with a view to developing Linux software,
> >probably for KDE. I would like to update to KDE 3.1, but note that
> >according to the KDE web site, Red Hat are not supplying RPM files to
> >do this.
> >
> >On top of this, Red Hat seem to have scattered the KDE files all over
> >the place. There is no main KDE directory, so it is awkward to figure
> >things out.
> After using RH for years, I switched to Debian and am glad I did. However,
> I successfully bypassed RH's screwed-up KDE under 8.0 not installing it. I
> compiled my own QT/KDE to live in /opt. And btw, at least as a default,
> Debian does not isolate KDE in its own subdirectory either. Everything is
> dumped into /usr/bin, which I hate. Bottom line, you'll be happier if you
> just roll your own KDE.

With Mandrake 8.2 , I did exactly this - my method was probably not optimal,
but did work out OK (I'm using it now)

	I put in a symlink so that I could re-build a new qt lib (direct from a login 
	Put the symlink back to the KDE_1 setting, and got the 3.1 tar.bz2's
	using KDE_1

	went back to the login shell, and built the new KDE into /opt  through 
another symlink (anticipating further KDE versions later)

	used some bash scripts to search through the new KDE directories
	that I had made to find all the corresponding  KDE_1 fiiles  that are
	dumped in /usr/bin  and other places, and moved 'em all to a parallel
	directory tree in /tmp

	Having done that, I could then run KDE_2 , having removed any possibility
	of conflicts with redundant KDE_1 files.  

	I also moved existing KDE_1  config files out, and let KDE_2 create
	a new set, then pached the new set from the old to get address books
	appointments and bookmarks back.

	I made an iso of the back up directory in /tmp and burned it on a CD R/W

	A few weeks ago, being finally sure that what I had done was working
	I overwrote that CD R/W

	job complete.


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