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Sun Mar 23 14:24:39 GMT 2003

On Sonntag, 23. März 2003 12:00, Steve wrote:
> KDE Panel:
> 1. Is there a keyboard shortcut for switching from one Desktop to
> another? I use alt-[1-9] in Windowmaker, or alt-[left]/[right] to
> switch.

CTRL+F1, etc

configurable in Control Center

> KMail:
> 1. Can KMail import Ximian Evolution address books and filter rules?
> (I can't even believe I am putting anything up against Evolution, even
> Outlook can't dominate it.. KMail sure ain't the KDE 2 app I knew it to
> be...)

No idea about the filters.
Addresses are handled by KAddressbook.
If it can't import Evolution contacts, it might know one of the formats 
Evolution can export to.

> Konqueror:
> 1. How about putting an (X) button on the tabs in Konqueror (web
> browser mode) for closing, as well as using the Ctrl-W option? This is
> available on Galeon.

The developers are working on this.

> 2. CTRL-Shift-N to make a new tab is a bit tedious, IMHO... and in the
> Location menu, there isn't a "new tab" option (to supplement the one
> you get in the right-mouse menu on the tab itself).

It's in the window menu.
You can configure the shortcut in Settings->configure shortcuts

> Kaboodle:
> 1. Will it ever have support for MODs (or the other file formats
> supported by XMMS) or the AWE64's synth feature?

Kaboolde support anything aRTs can do.
If someone writes aRTs support for these, kaboolde can do it.

KDE multimeda stuff is currently hard to track.
There is lots of discussion about frameworks, etc.

If you're interestes you can subscribe to kde-multimedia or read its list 


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