Steve gunhed57 at newsguy.com
Sun Mar 23 11:00:39 GMT 2003

Greetings from a former hard core GNOME fan // from the QT
license-bashing faction. I don't bash QT (as it currently stands)
anymore, of course.

I showed KDE 3.1 to my family and friends this weekend and between the
mouseover media previews, transparent menus, shaped windows, and of
course the awesome functionality (free, automatic and configurable
popup-blocking, among other goodies not seen in XP/Explorer), it was
rated an absolute jaw-dropper.

I have a few questions about KDE and its apps though...

KDE Config:
1. How do you get it so the keyboard repeat rate has a lower delay and
higher repeat rate? It's just a tad bit more sluggish than in
Windowmaker even at the most optimum settings I could find.

KDE Panel:
1. Is there a keyboard shortcut for switching from one Desktop to
another? I use alt-[1-9] in Windowmaker, or alt-[left]/[right] to

1. Can KMail import Ximian Evolution address books and filter rules?
(I can't even believe I am putting anything up against Evolution, even
Outlook can't dominate it.. KMail sure ain't the KDE 2 app I knew it to

1. How about putting an (X) button on the tabs in Konqueror (web browser
mode) for closing, as well as using the Ctrl-W option? This is available
on Galeon.
2. CTRL-Shift-N to make a new tab is a bit tedious, IMHO... and in the
Location menu, there isn't a "new tab" option (to supplement the one you
get in the right-mouse menu on the tab itself).
3. Will there be an option to reorder the tabs, like there is in Galeon?
(I admit, #1 I'm a Galeon addict, and #2 these are all cosmetic issues,
and I wouldn't turn KDE down even if no one ever addresses it)

1. Will it ever have support for MODs (or the other file formats
supported by XMMS) or the AWE64's synth feature?


- Steve

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