Sean McGlynn sean at tmiau.com
Sun Mar 23 16:05:14 GMT 2003

Hello Steve,

On Sunday 23 March 2003 11:00, Steve wrote:
> Greetings from a former hard core GNOME fan // from the QT
> license-bashing faction. I don't bash QT (as it currently stands)
> anymore, of course.

God loves a sinner who hath repented ;-)

> I showed KDE 3.1 to my family and friends this weekend and between the
> mouseover media previews, transparent menus, shaped windows, and of
> course the awesome functionality (free, automatic and configurable
> popup-blocking, among other goodies not seen in XP/Explorer), it was
> rated an absolute jaw-dropper.

Keep up the good promotions work :-)
(everyone remember to show KDE to their bosses ;-)

> I have a few questions about KDE and its apps though...
> KDE Config:
> 1. How do you get it so the keyboard repeat rate has a lower delay and
> higher repeat rate? It's just a tad bit more sluggish than in
> Windowmaker even at the most optimum settings I could find.

Things might be different on your system to mine, but you should find options 
to change this under 'Peripherals -> Keyboard' or some such place (in the 
Control Centre that is)!

> KDE Panel:
> 1. Is there a keyboard shortcut for switching from one Desktop to
> another? I use alt-[1-9] in Windowmaker, or alt-[left]/[right] to
> switch.

You can use Ctrl-F1, Ctrl-F2 etc. to go direct to individual desktops or you 
can use Ctrl-Tab to cycle through them, just like Alt-Tab cycles through app 

All the keys are configurable under 'Accessibility -> Keyboard Layout' in the 
Control Centre.

> KMail:
> 1. Can KMail import Ximian Evolution address books and filter rules?
> (I can't even believe I am putting anything up against Evolution, even
> Outlook can't dominate it.. KMail sure ain't the KDE 2 app I knew it to
> be...)

Pass, sorry, but someone will be along in a moment to answer your question :-)

> Konqueror:
> 1. How about putting an (X) button on the tabs in Konqueror (web browser
> mode) for closing, as well as using the Ctrl-W option? This is available
> on Galeon.

Yeah, it's right up there on the wishlist. I'm sure it'll be along sooner or 

> 2. CTRL-Shift-N to make a new tab is a bit tedious, IMHO... and in the
> Location menu, there isn't a "new tab" option (to supplement the one you
> get in the right-mouse menu on the tab itself).

You can use 'Settings -> Toolbars -> Show Extra Toolbar' to get buttons for a 
new tab and to close the current tab. There's also menu items under the 
Window menu. Use 'Settings -> Configure Shortcuts' if you want to change the 
default key bindings for something else.

> 3. Will there be an option to reorder the tabs, like there is in Galeon?
> (I admit, #1 I'm a Galeon addict, and #2 these are all cosmetic issues,
> and I wouldn't turn KDE down even if no one ever addresses it)

Not sure I'm afraid. I guess all the goodies will arrive sooner or later! You 
can have a quick search on http://bugs.kde.org to see if any wishlist item 
has been registered for such a feature. If not, you can add one yourself or 
just keep your fingers crossed. I know lots of people are asking for lots of 
new tab related features though, so I'm sure it'll already be on someone's 
todo list :-)

> Kaboodle:
> 1. Will it ever have support for MODs (or the other file formats
> supported by XMMS) or the AWE64's synth feature?

No idea I'm afraid.

> Thanks!
> - Steve

Sean McGlynn
sean at tmiau.com

It has been pointed out to me that a recent email sig of mine may
have caused offence to accordion players. For this I humbly apologise :-)
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