kde3.1 Updating ?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Mon Mar 17 01:02:13 GMT 2003

Frank wrote:

> 1. It took me some time to configure sane to recognize Acer 640U with the like 
> of acerware ( firmware ) involved, so will I need to save anything for 
> further installation later.

Normally, an upgrade won't change your configuration file.  RPM is supposed to either avoid 
overwriting configuration files or save the old version.


> 3. I note that the last entry for kdelib and the last two for kdebase refer to 
> my present and an interim version. I take it this is required to get to the 
> latest update state?

No, this indicates that you can't Upgrade the KDE RPMs one at a time, you must Upgrade them all 
at once:

rpm -Uvh --test kdelibs*3.1-58mdk*.rpm

{Note: if you are new to UNIX/Linux, yes you can use more than one '*' in a RE}

You will probably need to Upgrade aRts and Qt as well.

> 4. I am a little confused as to which of the kde rpm's I am at present 
> downloading I ought to put through the above exercise to get a correct 
> dependency requirement list. ( I am leaving off the devel ones for the time 
> being.) Is "kde-i18n-en_GB-3.1-1mdk.noarch.rpm" the one? [en my language]

You will need a new version of each KDE RPM which you currently have installed.  If you don't, 
you will need to uninstall the old version first.  To get a list:

	rpm -qa |grep kde


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