Can I run a second KDE seession, as different user?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Mar 15 23:49:35 GMT 2003

Tako Schotanus wrote:

> All is not perfect because only one "screen" has access to the sound 
> card for example, 

I think that you will find that the sound card problem is a PAM issue.  The only solution that I 
have found was to change the PAM configuration for the sound card.  To do so, edit this line in 
your: /etc/security/console.perms" file to read like this:

<console>  0660 <sound>      0660 root.sound

and make any user that is allowed to use the sound card a member of the group: "sound".  This is 
not the ideal solution since the owner of the card is still changed (but the group is not).


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