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Luciano Moreira - ig lucianomx at
Sun Mar 9 13:55:00 GMT 2003

Well, well, well...  it's my opportunity:

How do we do to get KDE (ox XFree) to have better screen fonts ? The
defaults screen fonts is very "bold", but when we use OpenOffice or Mozzila,
the screen fonts is smaller (thin) and better to see (like as
M$Windows/OS/Mac) .

Is it anything about TrueType, Type 1, etc ?   How do I do to acquire and
install others fonts, or, how do I do to teach KDE to see the alredy
installed fonts used by Mozilla, OpenOffice, etc ?



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Just visited an attachment to a bug issue involving fonts and saw kde near
lookalike to XP. Where do I go to get it please.

Attachment is .png of What I seek.


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