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Sun Mar 9 09:25:34 GMT 2003

On Sun, 09 Mar 2003 21:55, Anh Lai wrote:
" Everyone is so gonna kick your ass for comparing KDE to Windows XP...
" J/K.. . its the KERAMIK theme that is packaged in KDE version 3.1.
" So, if your distribution has KDE 3.1, it's included, but it is not the
 default " theme KDE has described.
" [ On Saturday 08 March 2003 10:31 pm, Frank wrote ]
" > Hi
" >
" > Just visited an attachment to a bug issue involving fonts and saw kde
 near " > lookalike to XP. Where do I go to get it please.
" >
" > Attachment is .png of What I seek.


 and thanks for the kick arse thing but I believe that by antagonizing the op. 
we will only bite ourselves so treat them as non-identities using 
generalities and they will never seem to be a threat to anyone. 

I know this works because as soon as my team de-humanizes the op. they get on 
with things and win win win.... think about it folks.

Like right here........ I get to chose any number of decorations which do 
truly affect the way my desktop looks and all thanks to kde. Can't say the 
same about other OSes.... their looks just seem to get squeezed a bit.

In the meantime I am rpm-ing keramik and qt as I post this.

Thanks again.


Frank at
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