Dual screensavers

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at jasongeo.com
Wed Mar 5 08:36:10 GMT 2003

* Steven Whatley <swhatley at hal-pc.org> (Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 08:59:00PM -0600)

> I'm just getting started using KDE but I've used many other X based window
> managers on various UNIX (non Linux) platforms.  This is my first time to
> use dualhead with non-MS Windows system.  I've got my XFree86 set up to
> support independent resolutions but still behaves like one desktop (i.e.
> I can move windows back and forth).

In that case, you can only have one screensaver.

Here's why:
the xscreensaver works by taking a new window the size of the screen/desktop
puts it ontop of all other windows            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
then starts running whatever screensaver program you choose in that window.

> I have noticed the screensaver treats two screens as one stretched desktop
> so the screen savers start split between both screens.  Is there a way to
> to run a separate screensaver on each screen?

No easy way.

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