Dual screensavers

Steven Whatley swhatley at hal-pc.org
Wed Mar 5 03:55:26 GMT 2003

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Yun Zhou wrote:
> Are you sure that you turned the Xinerama option off? I never turned mine on,
> and I have two seperate desktops that have seperate backgrounds, and many of
> my friends at first thought it was two seperate computers.

Xinerama is definitely turned on.

> However, I never got screensaver on the secondary monitor to work, and it
> never seems to go into powersave either, which is quite bad as it is a CRT. I
> remember that I did make a reply sometime in January, I think, about putting
> screensaver on both screens, but I never got any replies.

I'll keep checking.

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