Too much aRts, Polonius.

James Henry Maiewski jhm at
Tue Jun 24 09:55:54 BST 2003

>  I also have this problem, but unfortunatly I only have one solution, and
> that is to not use ALSA. If you use OSS and the drivers from:
> Then it all works hunky dory. I should probably file a bug report to the
> ALSA people, I just assumed it was me being daft and not having set it up
> right :) Also, with these drivers you get utilities to do clever things
> like mess around with the channeling of audio inside the card, and putting
> lots of DSP code onto it for fun and odd sound :) It's a bit of a pain to
> set up though, if you get stuck,I'd happily give you a hand and/or my
> configuration :)
> Kind regards,
> Philip

	The really frustrating thing is that my situation is supposedly 
uncontroversially easy to get working.  But I would much rather have sound 
than not.  As I said, ALSA comes with my distro, so I'm not sure what-all I 
need to change in addition to getting new OSS drivers installed.  Any help 
would probably be essential to any success to which I could look forward.

With an advance of thanks,
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