Too much aRts, Polonius.

Philip Scott scotty at
Tue Jun 24 20:52:14 BST 2003


> 	Whenever I un-mute the PCM channel I get random spurts of static, and an
> electronic 'vroom-vroom' sound when I even move the PCM slider.  When I
> attempt to play a sound file, I get an increased amount of static, until
> the playing stops (which seems to suggest that something is going right). 
> In fact, if I try to change the sound device to /dev/dsp in KDE control
> center, it can't, then switches to the NULL device, which promply silences
> my speakers.  When using audio method ALSA, "artsshell status" returns
> "device: default"

 I also have this problem, but unfortunatly I only have one solution, and that 
is to not use ALSA. If you use OSS and the drivers from:

Then it all works hunky dory. I should probably file a bug report to the ALSA 
people, I just assumed it was me being daft and not having set it up right :) 
Also, with these drivers you get utilities to do clever things like mess 
around with the channeling of audio inside the card, and putting lots of DSP 
code onto it for fun and odd sound :) It's a bit of a pain to set up though, 
if you get stuck,I'd happily give you a hand and/or my configuration :)

Kind regards,

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