Too much aRts, Polonius.

Philip Scott scotty at
Tue Jun 24 23:47:29 BST 2003

Hello again,

> The really frustrating thing is that my situation is supposedly
> uncontroversially easy to get working. 
	You would have thought so, but I'm just as stumped as you when it comes to 
trying to make things work with dearest ALSA.

> But I would much rather have sound
> than not.  As I said, ALSA comes with my distro, so I'm not sure what-all I
> need to change in addition to getting new OSS drivers installed.  Any help
> would probably be essential to any success to which I could look forward.

	Righty O, it's not so complicated as it sounds :) Just to see if it works, 
follow the link to

	And download the emu10k1 drivers. You might need to remove any alsa kernel 
modules; if you (as root) open up a console and type 'lsmod' you should get a 
list of currently inserted modules. They 'rmmod' anything that looks alsa or 
sound involved; you're doing nothing permanant here - they're all reloaded at 
boot time anyway, you're just unloading them from memory. 

	Untar the drivers (called emu10k1) by typing e.g.
tar -xzf emu10k1-v0.18-2.tar.gz
(your version may be more recent than mine)
then change to the new directory and build the drivers, and then install them 
(you'll need gcc and a few other tools for this, hopefully they'll already be 
cd emu10k1
make install

Now you can just insert the module into your kernel:
modprobe emu10k1

If you've got no errors by now, you're on the right track! You can try turning 
up your volume and seeing if you get any hissing; or fire up your favourite 
music player (xmms, noatun, mpg123, ogg123.. take your pick) and send some 
soothing music through the magic ether of computeryness and out into your 

If it all works okay, I can give you more advice on how to make the rest of 
your speakers work nicely (by default I think only the front two are 
enabled). If not, do chirp up and we shall sort you out soon enough 8*)

Kind regards,

PS - Apologies to all if this is getting a little off topic ;)

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