Linking against native QT (no X11??)

John Davidorff Pell johnpell at
Wed Jun 18 05:39:14 BST 2003

Hi all,
I'm wondering if it is possible to link some/any of KDE against a 
native (non X-Windows) version of QT? I'm on a Mac and I'm curious if 
KDE will build against QT/Mac or QT/Windows. Is it possible? I guess 
what I want to know is how much non-QT magic KDE uses. Is it written 
entirely using the QT toolkit? Are most of the KDE components made 
using only QT? What libraries link against X11 directly, not just 
because of QT/x11 dependancy?

Obviously I won't get much functionality out of this if I do it (if its 
possible) but I'm wanting to more closely integrate my rootless X11 
with MacOSX/aqua and I'm exploring all the possibilities. (all the 
not-so-crazy ones have been explored already) And info would be most 

Thanx in advance,

God is dead, now the war shall never end.

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