KDE Apps Print Blank pages for one user

Ed Suominen ed at eepatents.com
Wed Jun 18 05:28:40 BST 2003

Very strange...in just one of my user accounts, Kmail and Konqueror print only 
blank pages, even though lots of data is sent to the printer. CUPS tells me 
that this user's print jobs are all of type/process "file:/" while the other 
users are "kdeprint_<random digits>."

I tried copying a successful user's ~/.kde/share/config/kdeprintrc file over 
the unhappy user's version of that file, but that didn't help. I also tried 
removing all /tmp stuff for the unhappy user's account, to no avail.

Does anyone see a way out of this, short of having the user start over with a 
new account?

Thanks, Ed

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