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David T-G wrote:
| Hi, all --
| Through lots of digging and poking I have managed to get krfb running and
| share out my desktop ... sort of.  I haven't actually made a successful
| connection yet, but I'm closer than I was :-)
| My primary purpose for wanting vncserver running is so that I can access
| my full, already-running X session on my laptop at home while I'm out
| somewhere.  I can do that if I'm just running vncserver, but then I'm not
| in my KDE desktop (plus myriad other issues).
| The problem, of course, is the dynamic password and the "click here to
| allow the connection" featureset.  I want a basic VNC server that always
| uses the same password (my login password would be nice in myy case, but
| the ability to have a 'viewing' password that is different is also good)
| and goes right ahead and accepts connections.
| I saw the --kinetd option, as well as the --config option, but the former
| didn't seem to do me any good and I find no documentation for the latter
| file's format just like for the rest of krfb.  FWIW, I have installed
| 3.1.2 on my SuSE 8.1 system from the SuSE updates tree.
| Can I accomplish what I seek, or is krfb not the right tool for me?
| :-D

If you go to the KDE Control Panel, to Internet & Network and then to
Desktop Sharing, you'll see how to configure krfb for what you want.


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