vncserver (krfb) howto

David T-G davidtg-kde at
Wed Jun 11 12:25:11 BST 2003

Hi, all --

Through lots of digging and poking I have managed to get krfb running and
share out my desktop ... sort of.  I haven't actually made a successful
connection yet, but I'm closer than I was :-)

My primary purpose for wanting vncserver running is so that I can access
my full, already-running X session on my laptop at home while I'm out
somewhere.  I can do that if I'm just running vncserver, but then I'm not
in my KDE desktop (plus myriad other issues).

The problem, of course, is the dynamic password and the "click here to
allow the connection" featureset.  I want a basic VNC server that always
uses the same password (my login password would be nice in myy case, but
the ability to have a 'viewing' password that is different is also good)
and goes right ahead and accepts connections.

I saw the --kinetd option, as well as the --config option, but the former
didn't seem to do me any good and I find no documentation for the latter
file's format just like for the rest of krfb.  FWIW, I have installed
3.1.2 on my SuSE 8.1 system from the SuSE updates tree.

Can I accomplish what I seek, or is krfb not the right tool for me?


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