How does KDE store changes to the K menu?

Christopher Dawkins cchd at
Sun Jan 26 18:18:33 GMT 2003

> a) where does KDE store the changes one makes to the K menu and taskbar?
>  I can't seem to find anything very useful in the .kde directory in my
> home directory.
> b) how can I change the K menu default settings so that users can have a
> more suitable K menu without having to edit it themselves (being only
> just technically minded enough themselves to just about log in to a
> Linux machine!).

I have been working on these problems for the last few weeks, and have not
yet fully solved them. But I have found out (AFAIK):

 a) .kde2 was a mistake: KDE3 has reverted to .kde for user settings.
 b) panelrc ditto.
 c) taskbar settings are stored in kickerrc
 d) menu settings are picked up from .desktop files in applnk, and
    .kdelnk files are also supported but are deprecated.
 e) The files in /opt/share or /usr/local/share are read first, then
    those in ~/.kde/share, but this can be changed by setting $KDEDIRS
    which by default does not exist.
 f) KDE 3.1 will offer more control, but KDE 3.0 allows you to control
    all your users by (e.g., the way I have just done it) creating a
    user "kdelock1" and setting that how you want, then setting for
    all your users (here through an export from Xsession)
    they then pick up their settings from that user, but for the
    moment this only works if you delete their personal kickerrc
    files, which I am currently doing in Xsession every time they
    log in. But you need to exclude ~kdelock1 from this, otherwise
    you clobber your master settings (the voice of experience ..).

I have not yet solved how to control the bottom area of the K menu,
but I have been told KDE 3.1 will help with this.

The $KDEDIRS facility appears to be very powerful.

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