Writting the floppy

Rafael Pérez Domínguez rpd at mundofree.com
Fri Jan 17 13:06:33 GMT 2003

Dear friends,
I'm not able neither to copy nor to directly create directories or  text files into the floppy.
I've got installed KDE inside Linux Mandrake 8.1:

    1- I introduce the floppy.
    2- I left-click on the Floppy icon getting an error answer: the floppy is already mounted.
    3- I check the floppy unit has rwx rigths for everybody. 
    4- Then I right-click on Floppy -> Open with -> ... -> File Manager.
         For that I'm asked to enter the ROOT psswd.
    5- I navigate up to /mnt/floppy, which appears empty.
    6- I copy a directory (owner=ROOT) from another File Manager window.
    7- I paste it into /mnt/floppy but the paste is rejected.
    8- I try to create a directory in /mnt/floppy but it is rejected. The same for a text file.
    9- Finally I try to do it by cp -R MyDirectory /mnt/floppy, but it is also rejected
         with the error text  "Read-only file system". However I check and the rights remain
         rwx for everybody

Perhaps such DOS formatting is the reason for the behaviour described above?
 If so, how could I reformat it for LINUX?

Previously I had done the same with another floppy I had already used
under XP-Windows and -I don't really know how- I was able to copy 
my directory to it, though after that I'm not able to read it under 
LINUX-Mandrake-KDE  but I can actually do it under XP-Windows!

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong and how to properly do it.
Many thanks in advance,
Rafael .

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