How to change the properties of the "icons" in the panel?

Brian T. Schellenberger bts at
Thu Jan 16 15:07:53 GMT 2003

Ok, I did some followup (I *did* enter a wishlist item for this to be 
easier), and the deal is this:

In *earlier* versions of KDE, changing the menu item changed the 
mini-icon, because the mini-icons actually just pointed to the menu 
items for their actions.

But a bug was reported on this because it meant that if you re-arranged 
the the menu items then the panel mini-icons broke.  So it was changed; 
the problem is that fixing that made it nearly impossible to change the 
properties of the mini icons.

I have now entered a "wishlist" item for this to be addressed, so 
hopefully it will be in a future version of KDE.  In the meantime, the 
approach of editing the desktop files directly worked.

I believe that I *also* figured out how I *could* have done it without 
using such a "wizardly" obscure approach:

- delete the kmail mini-icon from the kicker panel.
- edit the menu item for kmail.
- copy the menu item for kmail from the menu to the kicker panel.

Not that I'm trying that right now; since I already got it working like 
I want using the more obscure approach I'm going to leave well enough 

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 08:32 am, Bern wrote:
| Brian,
| Change the command in the K menu.
| On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:19 pm, Brian T. Schellenberger wrote:
| > Recently it was pointed out that the way to get kmail to
| > automatically check the mail when it started up was to add --check
| > to the kmail command.
| >
| > Ok, that's cool.
| >
| > If I launched it from the command line, I'd make an alias.
| > And if I launched it from the desktop, I'd right-click on it and
| > change the properties.
| >
| > But in actual point of fact I normally launch it from the
| > "mini-icons" that are on the left side of the panel.  If I try to
| > right-click on them, I get "Add Application" and "Remove" as my
| > choices.  How do I change the properties of an icon that is there?

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