How to change the properties of the "icons" in the panel?

Johnny Ernst Nielsen johnny.ernst.nielsen at
Wed Jan 15 14:18:19 GMT 2003

Good day Brian,

> Recently it was pointed out that the way to get kmail to
> automatically check the mail when it started up was to add --check
> to the kmail command.
> Ok, that's cool.
> If I launched it from the command line, I'd make an alias.
> And if I launched it from the desktop, I'd right-click on it and
> change the properties.
> But in actual point of fact I normally launch it from the
> "mini-icons" that are on the left side of the panel.  If I try to
> right-click on them, I get "Add Application" and "Remove" as my
> choices.  How do I change the properties of an icon that is there?

You edit the desktop file associated with the mini-icon you want to 

In $HOME/.kde/share/config you will find a file called 
launcher_panelapplet_<some obscure number>_rc
That file lists the desktop files that are used to start the 
applications in your mini-icon list.
See what desktop file starts your kmail, and edit that file to your 

Best regards :o)

Johnny :o)
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