Problems with kde-3.1rc5

Saeed Eskandari eskandar at
Sun Jan 12 17:36:33 GMT 2003

I have installed kde3.1 on my machine. My computer is running on linux 
RedHat-8  with kde-3.0.3.

I am having several problems while selecting kde-3.1 as my desktop manager, 
such as:

1) A noticable preformance depreciation when I am invoking applications such 
as konqueror and kmail. When I click on  this applications'  icon, it take 
much longer to launch them. 

2) Konqueror and kmail often stall  and stay idle for a long time so that I  
have to kill those and launch them again. 

3) kppp frequently disconnect or does not make connection at first place. 
The error message is no :16, 19.  pppd does not initialize (I wonder if this 
is not related to kde?)

4) When I change to superuser (root) and try to launch applications such as 
konqueror or kpackage. The applications just flash on screen and then exit.
it seems DCOPserver does not initiate for root while I login as a user. 
I can run these applications if I log out and log in as root rather than an 
ordinary user. 

5) When I attempt to download a program in konqueror and use right click-> 
save Target as. It takes for ever to open the directory box. 

I appreciate any feedback regarding to my problems mentioned above. 

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