kmail with imap-uw

Jim Durham durham at
Mon Jan 13 04:51:29 GMT 2003

I'm running 1.4.3 kmail with  imap-uw 2001.

I've run into a few  wierdnesses with kmail. 8-) .  One is that, quite often, 
kmail will pause and the progress bar on the bottom right will start slowly 
across, during which time you wait.  I've tried Pine and Mozilla, and I don't 
see this.  I really like kmail, but this can get annoying when you have 50 
messages and it does this after every 2 or 3 messages. It seems to be related 
to mailbox size, as, after being away for a few days and the mailboxes 
getting really large, I have to resort to Pine to get things back under 

The other thing is that I often scan all of a large mailing list quickly by 
just paging through the headers and then doing "KD" to delete the whole 
mailbox's worth of messages. Often, not all the time, the next day, the 
messages are back, indicating that they've been read, but they are still 

Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to say "Delete messages instead of 
moving them to Trash". If I'm at work and using my mail server at home, then 
everything gets moved from the mailbox you're reading to Trash, which seems 
to imply that it's copied from home to my workstation at work , then back to 
the "Trash" on the server at home. This is kind of slow on big messages. Is 
there any way around this?


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