Konqueror Lan Browser not switching to proper protocol

Carlos A. Siso casiso at hypersistemas.com
Sat Feb 22 17:18:03 GMT 2003


I do not know if this has been previously reported. Anyway, in konqueror lan 
browser for KDE 3.1 (Redhat 8.0), when clicking the SMB or FISH sub folder of 
a networked equipment (lan://localhost/machine.domain.com), konqueror try to 
open the folder "lan://localhost/machine.domain.com/SMB" 
(lan://localhost/machine.domain.com/FISH) and does not show anything. If you 
point konqueror directly to "SMB://machine.domain.com" it shows the available 
SMB share points on "machine.domain.com"

The thing is that in konqueror on KDE 3.03 (redhat 8.0), clicking the SMB sub 
folder automatically switch to the SMB protocol and shows the available share 
points (SMB://machine.domain.com) correctly.

Is this a bug or there is a method to force konqueror to switch protocols 


Carlos A. Siso

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