lisa and browsing the network

gabriel the.angel.gabriel at
Mon Feb 17 22:02:17 GMT 2003

i could be wrong about the purpose of lisa (someone please correct me if i'm 
off here) but isn't it designed to let me browse the various networks used on 
a lan?  'cause while i *think* i've set it up right, it doesn't seem to be 
working right.

typing "lan://localhost" in the location bar renders a list of ips on the 
network and clicking the litt [+] next to them gives me a list of the 
services running on that box.  ie:

    + FISH
    + SMB
    + SMB

but clicking on either "FISH" or "SMB" only gives me an empty window... even 
though i *know* that machine is sharing files over that protocol.  
smb:// will bring up files, so what am i missing here?

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