Pop-up windows

Manuele Rampazzo manu at linux.it
Mon Feb 17 18:58:34 GMT 2003

Hi there,
I use to place every application in its own desktop: web browser on
desktop 2, kopete on desktop 3 and so on. I'm a very tidy person :-)

Sometimes these applications open a new window (a message, a pop-up
window from a website) in the currently active desktop, so I have
windows from kopete in desktop 2 instead of desktop 3.

How can I force every new window from a specific application to open in
a specific desktop? In WindowMaker I can do this useful trick easily,
playing with the application window properties, but I haven't found a
way to do the same in KDE. I've thought to use kstart, but it doesn't
work in "my" way.

Any suggestion? :-)


"È ricercando l'impossibile che l'uomo ha sempre realizzato il
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Michail Bakunin (1814 - 1876)
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