Problem with new application "sub-windows" opening under the current window

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I have a friend using SuSE 8.0 with the default SusE KDE theme (I forget which 
versin of KDE that is, 2.2.2? Or was it 3 something)). He has an strange 
problem where, when he's working in a particular application, if the 
application or user opens a new window, it will often come up underneath the 
current window, instead of on top where it shoudl be. Examples:

1. Everybuddy (yes, gnome application) tries to give a warning about not being 
conencted to the server. The warning appeared underneath the main everybuddy 
window, so it wasn't seen for a long time.

2. User is reading email in Kmail and doulbe-clicks a message top open it in a 
seperate window (Yeah, they should use the preview pane but they don't want 
to and I can't make them change). THey happen to read with the Kmail window 
maximized to full-screen. Most of the time when they double click the message 
the new window opens underneath the main Kmail appliation window, and the 
only way to bring it to the top (on top of the main Kmail window) is to get 
it via the Kpanel. Anyway, this has never happend to me, it's got to be an 
error in a setting somewhere; new windows should always appear on top.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?


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