Problem with new application "sub-windows" opening under the current window

Mark Hillary mark at
Tue Feb 11 07:49:06 GMT 2003

This happens to me as well. But I have only noticed it when I have set a 
window to allways on top. 

The window tries to open a message dialog or such asking for input, 
confirmation etc. But the dialog ends up been displayed under the main 
window. Seems silly not having the dialog appear ontop of the window. 

On Tuesday 11 Feb 2003 6:50 am, JW wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a friend using SuSE 8.0 with the default SusE KDE theme (I forget
> which versin of KDE that is, 2.2.2? Or was it 3 something)). He has an
> strange problem where, when he's working in a particular application, if
> the application or user opens a new window, it will often come up
> underneath the current window, instead of on top where it shoudl be.

Mark Hillary
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