Are there any diffs/patches to update from kde-3.0.5 to kde-3.1.0????

Nicolai Stange Nic-Stange at
Thu Feb 6 19:20:20 GMT 2003

I've got the following problem: I've downloaded the whole kde-3.0.5
stuff and qt-3.1.0.
It didn't work very well together ;).
So I looked it up within the Installation Instructions and as I figured
out they both are incompatible.
Either qt-3.0.x and kde-3.0.5 or qt-3.1.0 and kde-3.1.0 (by the way, he
SOURCES are meant). might be compiled in combination.
So I don't want to download the whole kde-stuff nor want I to wait days
and days for qt-3.0.5 to compile...
My question: Can I download some diff/patch stuff that just updates my
sources from version
3.0.5 to 3.1.0????
It would be wonderful!
Please help me!
cu Nic

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