indexing docs with htdig?

Simon Hepburn sth at
Tue Feb 4 02:06:24 GMT 2003

George Mochrie wrote:

> hmmm, I just installed 3.1 and there's a plugin in kcontrol for it, i
> thought it had been re-instated. the plugin is a little short of docs tho.
> in kde 2.0.x i used it to index all my docs (mysql, j2sdk etc.) so i could
> access them all with the khelpcenter interface. perhaps it was just wishful
> thinking on my part.

I wont get to taste 3.1 until next weekend probably so I can't help you there. 
IIRC the integration was dropped because khelpcenter stopped using konqui at 
some point. A bookmark in konqui to http://localhost/search is easy enough.

Simon Hepburn.
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