KDE 3.1 RPM:s for Red Hat?

Andreas Karlsson hermes at home.se
Sat Feb 1 21:37:31 GMT 2003

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Ok, I probably know the answer but I will give it a try anyway. Are 
there any unofficial KDE 3.1 RPM:s for RedHat? I've searched the web and 
looked through all possible sources (ftp:s etc) but have failed to find 
The only one I have found was the once that RedHat have in their Rawhide 
branch. I downloaded them but they failed dependencies. I do not want to 
  upgrade every package to the Rawhide branch.
I have not tried to download the Rawhide source-rpms yet. But I have 
tried to compile KDE 3.1 from source (via konstruct). I got it to work 
but couldn't enable AntiAliased fonts. Later I read that there was a 
known problem with KDE 3.1 and Red Hat 8.0. I guess RedHat will make it 
all shiny and nice in the 8.1 release, but I would like to upgrade now.

Is my really last option to download the source (manually, without 
konstruct) and do it "the hard way"? Yes, I am lazy, so hit me with a 
stick. :)

No, I do not consider changing distro. I am quite pleased with RedHat 
(even though I disagree with their favouring of Gnome).

Best regards,
Andreas Karlsson
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