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snpe snpe at
Mon Feb 3 15:37:07 GMT 2003

On Monday 03 February 2003 10:05, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> snpe wrote:
> > Hello,
> >   When kmail connect to imap server, he send 3 packet (NOOP) in server
> >   for every 15 sec
> > Can I change this interval ?
> Yes. But you'll have to change it in the source code since it's
> hardcoded in kmacctimap.cpp in this line: mIdleTimer.start(15000);
> Why do you want to change it? If you have a good reason, then you might
> want to submit a wish via
Hi Ingo,
imap have timeout 30 min and server and client keep connection (if kmail in imap folder)
Kmail don't need send packets with NOOP - maybe that send packet before 30 min or
 check connection when talk to imap server (I don't know what is better)
If kmail send 3-4 packet every 15 sec in network with 100 users online that is 
400/15 packets in second (10mbit network have bandwith 833 packets) 
I see 15000 in kmacctimap.cpp, but I don't know what another work mIdleTimer.
If mIdleTimer is only for disconnect, that best time is 29 min.

I don't beleive that Outlook is smarter (he keep connection, but disconnect after 30 min)

Haris Peco
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