KDE 3.1 RPM:s for Red Hat?

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Sat Feb 1 22:01:33 GMT 2003


I do not know if you will find RedHat rpms.  I considered making them but in
light of the changes RH has made to KDE (see e.g.
http://www.mosfet.org/noredhat.html and http://www.mosfet.org/rh-rebuttal.html)
it is a non-trivial matter.  You have to port KDE to RH 8.0, b/c RH does not
follow standards and essentially "forks" open source projects by making
incompatible modifications in "secret" (i.e., outside the projects' CVS tree and
without the projects' knowledge). 

If you want to support that type of behavior, then support RH.  If not, use
another distro that works with the Open Source community, rather than against
them, or tell RH you would like them to change their practices.



Andreas Karlsson wrote:
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> Hi,
> Ok, I probably know the answer but I will give it a try anyway. Are
> there any unofficial KDE 3.1 RPM:s for RedHat? I've searched the web and
> looked through all possible sources (ftp:s etc) but have failed to find
> any.
> The only one I have found was the once that RedHat have in their Rawhide
> branch. I downloaded them but they failed dependencies. I do not want to
>   upgrade every package to the Rawhide branch.
> I have not tried to download the Rawhide source-rpms yet. But I have
> tried to compile KDE 3.1 from source (via konstruct). I got it to work
> but couldn't enable AntiAliased fonts. Later I read that there was a
> known problem with KDE 3.1 and Red Hat 8.0. I guess RedHat will make it
> all shiny and nice in the 8.1 release, but I would like to upgrade now.
> Is my really last option to download the source (manually, without
> konstruct) and do it "the hard way"? Yes, I am lazy, so hit me with a
> stick. :)
> No, I do not consider changing distro. I am quite pleased with RedHat
> (even though I disagree with their favouring of Gnome).
> Best regards,
> Andreas Karlsson
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