Extra command when mounting memory cards?

Hadmut Danisch hadmut at danisch.de
Mon Dec 29 21:11:16 GMT 2003


I'm currently setting up a few computers with KDE for some
unexperienced users who don't want to enter commands through a shell. 

KDE provides a very nice user interface for mounting/unmounting 
floppy discs, CDROMs etc. 

But there's still one problem:

I have attached a cheap USB memory card reader to read CompactFlash
and other memory cards from digital cameras etc.

Linux recognizes when the card reader is plugged in into the USB, 
but unfortunately it does not recognize when the memory card is
plugged in into the card reader. Especially it does not recognize when
the size and the partition table have changed.

I used to have a simple workaround: Just call sfdisk -l /dev/sdX
twice, and everything is ok. Unfortunately, KDE does not allow to 
enter an additional command to be executed before mounting when 
adding a mountable device to the Desktop.

Any idea how to solve the problem while still keeping the user
interface simple?

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