Missing item in KDE window titlebar dropdown menu

Basil Fowler bjfowler at chanzy.eclipse.co.uk
Sun Dec 28 11:26:18 GMT 2003

Dear All,

On the left of the titlebar in a KDE window, there is a button which, when 
clicked, opens a dropdown menu, the entries of which are  "Move, Size, etc".  
In all of my installations of KDE there is an entry " To Desktop >", which 
opens a child dropdown list of the available desktops. Clicking a desktop on 
the list sends the window to the selected desktop.

Over Christmas, I installed KDE from as part of an installation of a brand new 
SuSE 8.2 Professional distribution onto a brand new hard disk - hdb  ( 
leaving the  Windows 2000 Pro installation on hda untouched).  When I set the 
number of desktops to four, and tried to move a window to another desktop 
using the menu described above, I found no menu entry with the line "To 
Desktop >".  I tried various settings of the Control centre, and I got a 
transient display of the "To Desktop >" menu entry, but clicking on the entry 
did not produce the child menu.  

When I did further experiments, the "To Desktop >" menu entry disappeared.

Can anyone give any clue as to what is wrong?


Basil Fowler

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