KDE Control Panel, etc. disappears occasionally

crchurch at att.net crchurch at att.net
Sun Dec 28 19:44:28 GMT 2003

I need some help!  (BTW, I'm running
KDE4.3.1/RH9/linux-2.4.20-24.9 and
it has been working flawlessly.  KDE
was installed from rpms from KDE a

Infrequently, my KDE installation doesn't remember
what applications and applets that I've added to
the panel. When that happens, KDE does not show any
applications or programs when I click on the
"Application Starter Icon;" except that Run,
LockScreen, and Logout still appear. All of my
desktop icons (applications) are still present and
still work; however, I've lost my all desktop
settings; e.g., single-click, NumLock, etc. Also,
all the applications are missing when I right-click
the panel and click "Applications" to add an icon
to the panel for starting the app.  Furthermore,
there is no KDE control panel.

In the past, when that happened it has been
because I've updated KDE or the linux kernel and
the solution has been to logout and login for KDE
or to reboot for the kernel.

I may have shot myself in the foot (so to
speak/type). I went to /tmp/ and deleted all the
files/directories that had my username in them.
Although, that didn't seem to cause any more
deterioration and KDE just recreated some of them.

Is there any way to recover/recreate my

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