mail folder conversion kmail kde2 -> 3

Volker Blum volker_blum at
Sun Dec 28 02:38:22 GMT 2003

Hello Ingo,

thanks very much for the fast response. 

I had played with this a little yesterday, and nothing seemed to work. You are 
right, it works perfectly following your advice. The mbox format hint did it.

I am sorry for bothering everyone with this, ahem, since I obviously gave up 
too early! Cough cough. Anyway, it now works beautifully, and is really much 
more refined than what I was used to - wow!

best wishes & great work!


PS: concerning the "status" of messages in the folders, i.e. your last 
paragraph: "replied" or "not replied" was always saved somewhat randomly in 
my older KDE 2.2.2 KMail version - i.e. sometimes these flags would disappear 
mysteriously, then reappear partly, etc - I never investigated in depth, but 
it always puzzled me. Upon reading your last paragraph, I went back, and it 
seems to work perfectly now! That already makes me (plain user) very happy!!

On Saturday 27 December 2003 04:06, Ingo Klöcker wrote:
> On Saturday 27 December 2003 11:26, Volker Blum wrote:
> > Dear KDE / KDE-PIM,
> >
> > a long time ago, there was a tool to convert kde2 kmail folders to
> > kde3.
> >
> > I have recently made that step (yes, already - sorry to be late), and
> > would be very interested in that (since all my mail is now
> > unreadable).
> No conversion of mail folders is necessary. KMail now supports a new
> mail folder format (maildir) but the support for the old format (mbox)
> hasn't been removed (and will never be removed). KMail 1.5.4 should
> have no problems with your old mail.
> What do you mean by unreadable? Are just the Subjects (Betreff) in the
> message list unreadable? If yes, then selecting all messages once
> should fix this problem.
> Alternatively, you could delete the index files of the affected folders.
> The names of the index files are of the form .foldername.index* where
> foldername is the name of the corresponding folder. KMail will then
> regenerate the index files. The downside of this is that all messages
> will loose their status (important, unread, replied, forwarded,
> deleted). This also means that messages which you've already deleted
> might reappear.
> Regards,
> Ingo

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