konqueror: download does not resume

Pere Constans constans at ruf.rice.edu
Sun Dec 28 07:03:20 GMT 2003

Thanks for your answer, James.

The 'download manager' that showed up yesterday isn't kget actually. It looks 
like it, in essence, but it has no menu, and its title just says Progress 
Dialog. Thanks in any case to point me to kget. I've been playing with it and 
it looks usefull.

> > The problem is that now I'm never asked for resuming a download. Instead,
> > the partyally downloaded file is overwritten.
> KGet doesn't ask, but it should automatically resume a download started
> with KGet.

Either kget or konqueror are still overwriting .part files. Though, I guess, 
this might have to do with the SSH protocol, eg fish.

Using ftp connections both work as you indicate, automatically resuming the 
download. I still think, however, that having a choice about resuming or 
overwriting is usefull (eg, files with equal names on different directories 
-versions- etc).

Thanks again,


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