konqueror: download does not resume

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Dec 27 22:04:37 GMT 2003

Pere Constans wrote:
> I'm using kde/konqueror 3.1.4. So far, while downloading files I was prompted 
> "overwrite" or "resume" if a .part file was already in the directory. 
> Strangely, however (this behavior 'started' today, without any upgrade, or 
> conscious config change, etc), the usual download dialog changed. Instead of 
> that 3-botton (open file, open location, cancel; + keep after download) it 
> appears now like a common 'download manager' (similar to what happen with 
> netscape). This progress dialog includes all downloads if this applies. 
> Clicking a file name gives the 'old' progress dialog (kio).
You are now using KGet
> The problem is that now I'm never asked for resuming a download. Instead, the 
> partyally downloaded file is overwritten.
KGet doesn't ask, but it should automatically resume a download started with KGet.
> Does anybody know what's going on, and how to restore the previous behavior? 

If you don't want KGet to be used automatically, open KGet and open the "Settings => 
Configure KGet" configuration widget.  Under the: "Advanced" tab and uncheck: "Enable the 
integration with Konqueror".

> At least the resume option, thou also removing that sort of netscape 
> 'download manager' that's not practical for me (eg, no progress % seen if 
> minimized).
If you continue to use KGet, use it to resume a download.  There should be an icon in the 
system tray to open it, select the file you want to resume and click the "Resume" button 
on the left end of the tool bar.  DO NOT go to the site and down load again.

To get the individual window, double click the selection in KGet.  Then if you want the 
progress icon in the system tray, you can still click the: "Dock" button.


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